About Tim

Tim Tierney, a long-time resident of Beacon Hill-Cyrville, has been active in ensuring his community continues to grow and thrive as an integral part of Ottawa. His dedicated commitment to Beacon Hill-Cyrville includes many years of volunteering for a variety of local development projects, sports and recreational groups, schools, social services, and community organizations. First elected in 2010, Tim continues to be involved, and enjoys supporting community issues and events, including Celebrate Summer, neighbourhood BBQs, and arts and recreational activities. He is especially proud of the new Richcraft Sensplex that was opened in 2014.

With an education in Business Administration/Information Systems, Tim has a strong background in both business and technology which he has and continues to apply throughout his career.

Since Tim joined City Council in 2010, he has served on the following Boards and Committees: Chair, Information Technology Sub-Committee; Community and Protective Services Committee; Ottawa Community Housing Board; Ottawa Public Library Board; Planning Committee; Transit Commission; and Transportation Committee. As well, Tim is the City of Ottawa’s representative and board member of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) and sat on the following Committees: Vice-Chair, Ontario Caucus; Community Safety & Crime Prevention; Increasing Women’s Participation in Municipal Government; Municipal Finance & Intergovernmental Arrangements; and Municipal Infrastructure & Transportation Policy.

Tim was re-elected for a second term on October 27th, 2014 as Councillor of Beacon Hill-Cyrville, earning 82% of the popular vote…the highest percentage ever in history for the ward. During the 2014-2018 term of Ottawa City Council, Tim was a member of the following Boards and Committees: Chair, Ottawa Public Library Board; Vice-Chair, Planning Committee; Information Technology Sub-Committee; Ottawa Police Services Board; and Transit Commission. Tim has continued in his role as the City of Ottawa’s representative and board member to FCM, and sat on the following Committees: Chair, Ontario Caucus; Committee on Conference Planning; Community Safety & Crime Prevention; and Municipal Finance & Intergovernmental Arrangements.

Tim was re-elected for his third and current term on October 22nd, 2018 as Councillor of Beacon Hill-Cyrville and obtained 81.3% of the vote. In 2018; he continued as Chair; Ottawa Public Library Board; Vice-Chair, Planning Committee; Vice-Chair of Finance and Economic Development Committee, Information Technology Sub-Committee; and a seat on Transit Commission. Currently, Tim remains on the board of OPL, and sits as a member of Planning Committee, and has the position of Chair of Transportation Committee (March 2020), with a seat on the Finance and Economic Development Committee. Tim also continues his role as the City of Ottawa’s representative and board member to FCM and is the Ontario Caucus Chair for a 6th year in a row.

In 2019 Tim, as Chair of the Ottawa Public Library at the time, was successful in the approval of a new central library for the City of Ottawa, scheduled to open at the end of 2023.

Tim is the son of Shirley Lavergne and the late Allan Tierney, and a long-time resident of Beacon Hill with his wife Jenny and children Crystal, Keely, Liam and dog Princesse.

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