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Why Beacon Hill-Cyrville ward is the best!

I represent the best ward in this city. There is no question about it. I'm not talking about development or landmarks, restaurants or parks in this post. I'm walking about you - the people who live here. Never has this been more apparent than this past month, when the community banded together to raise money…
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Jasmine teens paint it up!

Teens from Jasmine Crescent joined together to paint a brand new mural on the side of the Gloucester Emergency Food Cupboard. The mural, which was unveiled earlier this week, includes a Jasmine flower and a sunburst that represents new beginnings. The beautiful piece of art also includes hands that represent togetherness and helping hands and…
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Now available: the new 3-1-1 app!

Are you out and about and you need to report something to 3-1-1, but you don’t want to wait on the phone for an agent? I’m pleased to announce that the city is testing a 3-1-1 app for Android, Blackberry and iPhone. While you can ­file reports to 3-1-1 using the City’s website, that function…
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Celebrate Summer a success

What a success! The Celebrate Summer Committee put on a fantastic fair this past weekend. As luck would have it, the rain held off and the seventh annual edition of the fair saw a great turn out! Among the activities and entertainment: bouncy castles, Marvin the Magician, Cowguy Nick, the Chris Evans Band and the…
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