Blair Road South Widening

Blair Road South Widening

Great news folks! 

At council today I introduced a motion to separate the plans to widen Blair Road from the Brian Coburn extension. This project will be a great benefit to our community as it will finally give the southern portion of Blair Road some much needed upgrades. 

These upgrades will give more space for busses, expanded walking and cycling infrastructure, and finally unclog some of the constant traffic jams. I am really excited to push this project along and hope you can join me in celebrating another milestone as we move forward! 

The motion will be considered at the next meeting of Council on April 22nd, the notice of motion can be found below. 

"Whereas Blair Road between Meadowbrook Road and Innes Road is currently a congested two-lane roadway and is a major north-south arterial road in the east end;

Whereas approximately 430 buses destined to/from the Blair LRT Station heading south along Blair Road currently travel in mixed traffic, which causes delays for transit users;

Whereas widening Blair Road to establish transit priority lanes supports the City’s strategic objective to deliver sustainable transportation investments, improve transit service, and increase transit ridership;

Whereas the planning for the Blair Road widening is included in the ongoing Brian Coburn/Cumberland Transitway (Navan Road to Blair Station) Environmental (EA) Assessment Study;

Whereas the City is committed to completing the Brian Coburn/Cumberland Transitway EA Study to resolve the urgent commuting needs of residents of the growing east urban community;

Whereas the Brian Coburn/Cumberland Transitway project is more complex than the relatively straightforward Blair Road widening project.

Whereas a completed EA is required prior to the implementation of any major transportation project; and

Whereas separating the two studies would position the Blair Road transit priority project to be ready for implementation sooner and would not constitute piece-mealing in accordance with the Environmental Assessment Act of Ontario;

Whereas carrying out the Blair Road widening project as a separate EA study requires approval from Transportation Committee;

Therefore be it resolved that staff be directed to separate the Blair Road Widening for Transit Priority EA Study from the Brian Coburn/Cumberland Transitway EA Study, so that the Blair Road portion becomes a standalone project and EA study;

Be it further resolved that the Blair Road Widening EA Study assess the option of combined transit-HOV (high occupancy vehicle) lanes and address pedestrian and cycling infrastructure and connectivity to the Blair LRT Station."

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