Paving Scam still present in Ottawa

The Ottawa Police Service Organized Fraud Unit continues to investigate paving scams in Ottawa. Last year, investigators warned Ottawa residents about this scam. Investigators are again reaching out to the community with the same message.

Complaints have been received from people who have “hired” paving contractors who come to the door, with promises of an inexpensive paving job for their lane. No paperwork is exchanged, a verbal price is agreed upon, and when the work is complete, they charge a much higher amount and pressure the purchaser to pay.

The Ottawa Police Organized Fraud Section wants to remind the public that any contractor work should come with a signed hard copy contract, and that if any deal appears too good to be true, it probably is.

“Take the time to reflect on the deal before agreeing,” said Sergeant James Ritchie, Organized Fraud Unit. “There is no hurry to sign the deal at the door.” 

Remember that once you agree to the work, you have to pay for the work, so that is why it is important to get a contract before the work starts. 

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