Vision Jasmine

It’s been almost a year since the Jasmine community joined together in a rally to show support for their neighbours and their intolerance for violence in the area.

During that time so much has been done to find solutions, implement programming and drive change in the Jasmine area.

Most of that work can be attributed to the Jasmine Safety Committee: a group of passionate and dedicated residents, social providers and community leaders who meet each and every month to discuss ways to improve Jasmine Crescent.

We’ve heard time and time again that Jasmine is a good place to live and we continue to promote that fact, and rebuild the community’s reputation.

Now is the time to implement the next part of our plan.

Last Friday, with a unanimous vote, the Jasmine Safety Committee was renamed Vision Jasmine. The same familiar faces who have been seated around the table for the past year will continue to play their roles, but we look forward to the increased input of Jasmine residents.

Renaming the committee is just the first part, we want you to come out en masse and take ownership of this community.

On April 9th take part in our walk to celebrate Jasmine Crescent for everything it is and will be.

Visit the events section of the website to learn more about the April 9th event.

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