Government of Canada and provinces implement digital business registration solution

Government of Canada and provinces implement digital business registration solution

From: Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada

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June 29, 2020 – Ottawa, Ontario

The Government of Canada recognizes that connecting Canada’s different federal, provincial and territorial business registries will make business registration and reporting easier. In an effort to make it simpler and faster to start a business in Canada, governments across the country have together developed and launched a digital solution to improve business registration, saving businesses time and money.

The digital solution, called the Multi-Jurisdictional Registry Access Service (MRAS), reduces red tape and internal trade barriers for companies by connecting business registries across the country. It enables businesses in Canada to register seamlessly in select provinces and territories without having to provide the same information to each jurisdiction.

Today, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba have become the first jurisdictions to adopt the MRAS digital solution to connect their business registries and exchange information. This means businesses will find it easier to register in those provinces now and in other jurisdictions in the future. The adoption of MRAS by the western provinces is an extension of the MRAS-enabled Canada’s Business Registries, a free online search platform of Canadian businesses launched in 2018.

MRAS is the result of a pan-Canadian collaboration led by the federal government to make it easier for companies to register and do business with government and to increase corporate transparency. Under the Canadian Free Trade Agreement’s Regulatory Reconciliation and Cooperation Table, jurisdictions across Canada have endorsed an agreement to reduce internal trade barriers by collaborating in the adoption of MRAS.

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