Great News! Blair Road from Innes to Blair LRT Station Priority

Great News! Blair Road from Innes to Blair LRT Station Priority

Back in 2012 during my first term in office, I managed to get Blair Road included in the transportation master plan for future consideration. Well, the future is here! I am very happy to report, through tireless work with my east end colleagues, I have managed to get Blair Road added to the work plan. Consultations will begin this fall and I'm very excited to see some of the options which will include; combined bus rapid transit and HOV lanes, pedestrian and cycling infrastructure (with grade separation for safety), as well as full traffic lights and greater pedestrian connectivity. 

While the complete Brian Coburn extension is a long-term project, we could see the Blair Road components within the next couple of years (pending budget and consultation feedback).

As soon as the date is set for the next set of consultations this fall I will make sure to provide you all with more details. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone there! In the meantime, please visit for more information, which includes some of the great options that will be available!

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