Looking ahead to Stage 2: What will Montreal Road Station look like?

Looking ahead to Stage 2: What will Montreal Road Station look like?

I’m sure everyone has had an opportunity to either ride the new LRT system or see it in action since it launched on September 14th. It was a very exciting day when we finally launched the system but to be honest it got me excited for our next big step, Stage 2. The next phase will bring a transit connectivity that our city is craving and give us the world class system we deserve.

With that said, our neighbourhood was lucky to have two LRT stations in Stage 1, but the fun isn’t over as we’ll be adding a new station at Montreal Road for Stage 2. This station will be a crucial link to the entire network as it lay the track for how the train will reach all the way out to Trim Road in the east.

Work in the area has already started with the consortium having constructed their ‘home base’ for construction operations in the east. There’s a lot more work planned for the future, and I highly encourage you to stay tuned here and on my social media for updates as they come. The future is exciting, and as you can below, these are some concept images of what the station will look like.

You can always check out the official Stage 2 website for more information on the entire project. I’m very excited for the future of LRT in our ward and the city, and I hope you are too!

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