New Lights for Combermere Park!

I’m very excited to confirm that a project to bring new lights to both the hockey rink and tennis court at Combermere Park is moving ahead! This is a project I have been pushing for and have received lots of positive feedback on from the community. Here’s a rough timeline of the work you can expect over the next 2-3 weeks:

  • Contractors will be removing the tennis court poles
  • They will then be running new electrical conduits to the tennis court poles and hockey rink poles
  • They will dig new holes for the new tennis court poles
  • They will then dig new holes for the new rink poles (the new poles will be shifted slightly from their current position to ensure they meet current lighting standards)
  • The new holes for the rink poles will be filled with straw, covered with wood, and hording will be placed around them for safety. The poles aren’t quite yet ready to be installed, but we want to have the holes ready ahead of time so that the project can be completed as soon as the poles arrive
  • Finally, they will be relocating the lighting button. As you know it’s currently located on the back of the fieldhouse which gets quite dark at night. So, to help with that it’s being moved to the front of the fieldhouse.

Unfortunately, as the contractor will be removing the tennis lights next week, this means that tennis courts will only be available for daytime use. I want to assure you however that the nets are still up, and we expect them to remain there until about Halloween, or even longer if the weather is nice!

Because the hockey rink poles aren’t being installed right away (lighting poles take a long time to be delivered once ordered), for this winter, the rink will be about half a board length narrower. This will allow for sufficient room outside the boards for when the poles do arrive and need to be installed. Next winter, the boards will be returned to their regular width.

Once the poles are received (which is likely after the rink has been flooded and is in use), there may be some temporary daytime shut-downs for the pole installation. I want to stress however that no work will be taking place during the evenings so that we keep any impact on the rink to a minimum.

I hope you’re all as excited as I am to see this much deserved upgrade to Combermere Park. I can’t wait to see you on the ice!

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