I am so proud to confirm that it has happened; we are getting a new pedestrian crosswalk at St. John Paul II! This process started after a very passionate community and parent council at JPII approached me and raised concerns about the safety of our kids commuting to the school. Well, it took a lot of work and a lot of pushing but staff finally saw the light and approved the new crosswalk.

The new ‘Type D’ Pedestrian Crossover (PXO) will feature some great accessibility elements. It will have yellow twizzle for the vision impaired, curb cuts to help those in wheelchairs, and painted lines to clearly mark the path. You can expect installation to be completed in the late summer/early fall.

Having this approved now makes a big difference because if I had to bring a motion to council to push it through we would have waited another year to get this very important safety feature added. My office is always working hard with you to get results for our community and this is another example of getting things done.

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