Stage 2 O-Train Light Rail Transit Project Construction Summary: East Extension June through December 2019

Stage 2 O-Train Light Rail Transit Project Construction Summary: East Extension June through December 2019

June 2019

This notice is to advise that, as part of the Stage 2 O-Train Light Rail Transit project, crews and equipment will be working at multiple locations in the east, south, and west areas of Ottawa, supporting design and construction of extensions to the O-Train transit network.

This overview highlights the key activities in the East Extension area scheduled to occur throughout the remainder of 2019. To learn more about what’s being planned, please visit the project website at


From Blair Station to Trim Station

Borehole Investigations and Survey Activity (Underway)

Geotechnical investigations are taking place along the east extension corridor to collect soil, water and bedrock data. In some areas, temporary and intermittent night work will be required to ensure public safety and to minimize the impacts to motorists in high-traffic areas. For information on temporary night work approved in your area, please visit the project website at

Intermittent lane closures may also be required in immediate work areas as crews move between borehole locations. Noise from drilling and related activities could reach moderate levels at times. Depending on the data from borehole investigations, new borehole locations and repeat investigations may be required during daytime and nighttime hours.

Crews are also conducting survey work along the east corridor, scheduled during daytime hours. This includes survey equipment set-up and collecting elevation data both on and off-street. Minimal disruption is expected to traffic and local areas. 

Highway 174 and Perimeter Area Work (Begins in Summer)

On-street roadwork is required to widen traffic lanes on the south side of Highway 174 (eastbound lanes). This includes area clearing and tree/vegetation removal, grading and excavation, utility relocation, backfill and asphalt work in preparation to shift vehicular traffic to the south side. This will allow future guideway work to begin in the centre median area, away from active traffic lanes. Intermittent eastbound lane closures on Highway 174 may be required during off-peak or overnight hours as crews and equipment construct the new traffic lanes. All traffic will be maintained in both directions along Highway 174 although minor off-peak delays to eastbound traffic may occur at times.


Borehole and survey activities are also occurring locally around station areas during daytime construction hours, and during nighttime hours only if required. Additional activity in preparation for station work is also scheduled to begin in 2019 and is highlighted below.

Montreal Station Area Preparation Work (Begins in Summer)

To the west of Montreal Station (between the existing Blair Station and the future Montreal Station), utility relocation and foundation work is scheduled to begin in preparation to build the new elevated LRT guideway that will connect to Blair Station. This includes area clearing and tree/vegetation removal, grading and excavation, utility relocation and foundation work. These activities will not affect Blair Station and is currently scheduled for daytime hours. To the east of Montreal Station, utility relocation and foundation is scheduled in preparation for future work in the Montreal interchange.

In the Montreal Station area, local utility relocation work includes fence installation, clearing and tree/vegetation removal, excavation, utility relocation and/or tie-ins to existing underground utilities. If required, brief service disruption may occur as the new utility service is connected. In addition to utility relocation adjacent to the north and south of Highway 174, Shefford Road near the Montreal Station area is also scheduled for utility relocation work. This is currently scheduled during daytime hours and access to all residences will be maintained.

To the south of Highway 174, east of Montreal Station, crews will also be building a temporary project office, which is not anticipated to result in traffic pattern changes or nighttime activity. This includes area clearing and tree/vegetation removal, utility and groundwork, followed by constructing a temporary site office to be operational during the construction period.

Jeanne D’Arc Station Area Preparation Work (Begins in Fall)

Utility relocation around the Jeanne D’Arc Station area includes fence installation, excavation, utility relocation and/or tie-ins in conflict with the station area. Work in this area is not anticipated to affect local roads in the station vicinity, but brief service disruption may occur as the new utility services are connected. This work is also scheduled to occur primarily during daytime hours.

Trim Station Area Preparation Work (Begins in Fall)

Area clearing and site preparation at Trim Station may also begin before the end of 2019. This activity includes grading and excavating the existing overflow area parking lot, tree/vegetation removal and local utility relocation. This work is not anticipated to affect motorists in the immediate area and is scheduled during daytime hours. 


Confirmed timeframes and implementation details for key activities will be posted to the project website at Please note the timeframes in this summary are estimated and subject to change.

Construction activity is primarily scheduled to occur during typical daytime construction hours between 7am and 10pm Monday to Saturday, and between 9am to 10pm on Sunday’s and holidays. Nightwork will be required at times to minimize the impact to motorists or for public safety. Appropriate notice will be provided for any adjacent nightwork.


Pedestrian, cyclist and vehicle access will be maintained during construction although minor delays to traffic may occur at times. Temporary crossings may be implemented in designated areas and pedestrians and cyclists should use extra caution as traffic patterns change. Motorists should be aware of and adhere to traffic control signage, posted speed limits and traffic control personnel. Changes to OC Transpo services are not anticipated and transit stops will remain accessible. Noise and temporary disruptions are not anticipated to be significant during these activities. Please note that all tree replacement as part of final restoration will be in accordance with the tree compensation plan for the project, and area restoration (such as re-seeding greenspaces) will be completed as part of local area finishing works.

The safety of workers and the public is paramount, and we thank you for your patience during construction.


In early 2020, crews will continue with site mobilization in additional areas, continued roadwork and preparation for construction of stations, structures, and the guideway. Please stay connected with our team as we report on our progress and provide our 2020 construction look-ahead at the end of this year.

For further information about this project, please contact our project team:

Rail Construction Program

City of Ottawa

Phone: 3-1-1

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