Vision Jasmine receives the Community Program Award from Crime Prevention Ottawa

The Vision Jasmine Committee came together back in 2016 when the Jasmine Crescent community had experienced some devastating losses. With the help of Constable Brad Burleau and myself, we assembled this committee to help bring everyone back together again. Throughout the last two years, we’ve organized marches, BBQs, movie nights, and winter festivals, all in an effort to regain peace and trust in the community, and with every event, the numbers have grown! It is with this time and commitment that the Vision Jasmine Committee was recently recognized for their contributions to their community as recipients of the Community Program Award through Crime Prevention Ottawa, an award I am very pleased to accept.

At the end of the day, none of this could have been achieved without each and every member of the committee, past and present: Tim Tierney, Constable Brad Burleau, Robyn Needelman, Sebastien Tremblay, Sara Leduc, Alison Sandor, Mike Bureau, Jim Hall, Nicole Li, Michelle Lemieux, Keri Tallack, Ayoub Cherkaoui, Ken Mckenzie, Callum Boyd, Ahmad Luqman, Erin O’Manique, Nancy Worsfold, Hilary Fraser, Sharmaarke Abdullahi, Allison Everett, Danielle Presseault, Sherri Derouchie, Louise Graveline, Elizabeth Jenner, Alexandra Stermer, Sarah Lawrance, Amanda Hartwick, Jennifer Perry, Giovanni Donato, William Walsh, Sean Power, Craig Pinches, Constable Rebecca Vanderwater, Constable JP Vincelette, Jillian Premachuk, Jinny Caron, Jean-Marie Pitre, Carol Cruise, Micheline Bowie, Zowie Nippard, Nadia Barrow, Helene Robert, Eva Kabbabe, Donna Dickson, Claudia Brunet, Jessica Bouvier, Carla Thur, Anthonette Jacob, Stephane Pressault, Awale Robleh, Wendy Robinson, Sarina Parisee, Sarmad Al-Biladi, Heidi Illingsworth, Aline Vlasceanu, Cassandra Olsthoorn, Nina Dryslek, Jesse Card, Steve Johnston, Danielle Smith, Terilyn Morrison, Laine Johnson, Talia Klein

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