Getting Ready for the Winter Weather

Getting Ready for the Winter Weather

Winter is here and with that means we’re going to be getting another healthy dose of snow over the next few months. The city’s roads and winter operations departments have been hard at work over the summer months reassessing how they plan to deploy their equipment this season. They’ve come up with a new plan that looks to focus equipment on a more regional basis while also giving sidewalks a 24/7 priority.

With these coming changes we are very hopeful that winter operations will go smoother this year. That being said, my office will continue to monitor the situation to ensure that our standards don’t slip, and staff deal with any possible issues that may arise. On that note, I wanted to share some amazing graphics that the winter ops department recently made available to us (like the picture above).

First up are a couple of graphics that outline the city's plowing operations during a winter storm.

Next up we have some cool stats on winter maintenance in the city of Ottawa.

And finally, some cool graphics on how pot holes form and how they get patched up.

I hope you found all this info helpful as we look forward to another Ottawa winter.

Stay warm out there!

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