Support Local, Shop Local

Stay Local, Shop Local

We have many great local businesses in Beacon Hill-Cyrville and in these times they need our support more than ever! From Kikis Pizza in Pineview to Dominion City Brewing in Beacon Hill, many locations are still open for pick up and delivery, ready to serve you to the best of their abilities! Please take a look at the graphic below of the local food options.

Our next graphic highlights some of the grocery stores, pharmacies, and alcohol vendors and what their new hours look like.

Our friends at the Gloucester Mall also provided us with the adjusted hours for some of their establishments.

Finally, we put together a list of banks, medical, and other services that could be of interest to you in the area!

Please do your part by staying close to home to reduce the chance of spread, and at the same time you can help support some great local entrepreneurs. Thank you again for being the best community out there!

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