Since being in office, I have heard from many residents on the issue of graffiti/tagging. I have met with the Public Works Department and Ottawa Police, and both have stressed the importance of reporting graffiti sooner than later.

The City is approaching graffiti with the 4E management model:

Education – Raising awareness in the community about the negative impact and costs associated with graffiti and about the importance of prevention and rapid removal.

Empowerment - Maximizing available resources and relationships and encouraging property owners to take a key role in deterring graffiti.

Eradication - Removing graffiti quickly and efficiently and encouraging timely reporting of graffiti.

Enforcement - Applying municipal and other relevant laws when necessary, including the Graffiti Management By-law.

Those individuals who place graffiti on public or private property, can face Bylaw fines up to $610.

For more information on graffiti, please click here.

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