Private Driving Schools / Drive Test Examination Centre

Ward 11 has one of the two (2) Ministry of Transportation’s licensed, Drive Test Examination Centres (5303 Canotek Road). These centers are important services to our community and we can expect some traffic to be generated by them. However, there is no need for private driving schools from across the city to use the residential streets near the Drive Test Centre to train students.

The City of Ottawa licenses Driving School Instructors and prohibits them from providing instruction within the area bounded on the south by Montreal Road; on the east by Shefford Road; on the north by the Rockcliffe Parkway; and on the west by Blair Road -

Residents within the area who see private driving schools on their street may report it to the City at 3-1-1 or e-mail ( Please provide: street name, date, time, name of driving school and license plate number of the driving school car. A description of the instructor would also be helpful.

For more information on the Driver Test Examination Centre, please contact your MPP.

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