Route Changes

UPDATE: March 2017

Introducing EquiPass - the new monthly bus pass eligible for residents on low-income.

Click here to find out more and how to apply.

UPDATE: January 2017

With the anticipation of the LRT's Confederation Line opening in 2018, fares have been recalibrated and the express bus pass has been eliminated.

As of New Year’s Day, can ride all routes, including Connexion routes (former Express routes) for the regular fare price.

If you normally purchased an Express pass, you will only need to buy a Regular pass for January.






































UPDATE: June 2016

OC Transpo staff briefed elected officials and the media regarding route and fare changes that will be coming in 2018 with the unveiling of the O-Train Confederation Line. You can view visuals below and more information is available here -

June 7, 2016 O-Train, Rapid and Frequent June 7, 2016 O-Train Connections June 7, 2016 O-Train and Rapid June 7, 2016 O-Train and Connexion


UPDATE: July 2015

Blair Road lane configuration:

The new lanes between the Blair off-ramp (westbound) and Gloucester Centre entrance are associated with the upcoming Transitway closure to accommodate bus access to Blair Station from the highway.

The reconfiguration of lanes on Blair Road on the overpass is to provide a second left turn lane to improve capacity for buses. This, along with a transit lane on highway 174 and a transit only right turn lane at the highway 174 eastbound off-ramp/Blair intersection, are all transit priority measures to address the transitway closure for the LRT work.

Please note that the City has widened the 174 eastbound off-ramp to Blair Road, in order to provide a transit only right turning lane (onto Blair Road) at the intersection.

417 to 174 ramp closure:

The City has been planning for some time to shut the 417 westbound to 174 eastbound off-ramp until the Confederation Line opens in the summer of 2018. This is to allow for the use of the ramp as part of the City’s transit service re-alignment while the transitway is converted to Light Rail Transit.

This closure is required for safety reasons; to avoid conflicts between the high number of buses operating through this area during peak hours (120 buses per hour at peak) and regular vehicular traffic that would be trying to merge off the ramp.

We recognize that this closure will place pressure on Innes Road and for that reason have commenced its widening by an additional lane in the eastbound direction so that it will be able to accommodate the anticipated increased eastbound traffic.

The alternate routings available (Innes EB to Blair NB to Hwy 174 EB; Innes EB all the way to Orleans; and Hwy 417 WB to Aviation NB to Ogilvie EB).

You can keep up to date on all the latest project activities here.

ON TRACK 2018:

• On June 28, 2015, the Transitway will be closed between Blair Station and Hurdman Station, to allow for O-Train Confederation Line construction.
• This section of the Transitway will remain closed until May 2018 when the Confederation Line officially opens for service.
• The goal of the transit service adjustments is to maintain key connection points as well as keep transit routes as close as possible to current routes, minimizing additional travel time for transit users and buses.
• These measures include the construction of bus-only lanes on portions of the Regional Road 174 and Highway 417, the acquisition of additional buses, the implementation of a new route in the east and an integrated traffic management response team involving Public Works, Ottawa Police Service and Ontario Provincial Police.
• Cyrville Station will close, and customers travelling to and from there will be served by nearby local routes.
o Route 121 stops at Cyrville/Labrie, south of 417
o Route 124 stops at Cyrville/Cummings, north of 417

For more information, please click here.

124 / 127 Route Changes:

With the upcoming work for the Confederation Line, the Cyrville station will be closed beginning June 28th, 2015. OC Transpo has modified the routes to accommodate customers. Route 127 will now be part of route 124 and extend to Cyrville and Cummings. See below for updated route map.

RD MAP 124(June2015Council copy)_RD MAP 124(sept2004).qxd

Route 91:

  • New Route 91 will provide faster service than Route 95 along a similar route
  • Route 91 will be faster because it will bypass Cyrville, Train, Hurdman, and Lees Stations to provide more direct service to / from downtown
  • Many customers who now use Route 95 will be better-served by new Route 91
  • Will serve St-Laurent Station in the westbound direction only
  • Will operate Trim/Place d’Orléans to/from Baseline
  • Will operate Monday to Friday from about 06:00 to 19:00
  • Additional capacity added to accommodate customers transferring from other routes



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