Stage 2 Rail

Stage 2Stage 2 will change the way we move around Ottawa. Think about it: 36 kilometres of rail and 22 new stations. That means shorter commutes, cleaner air, and a stronger economy.

You will be able to get on a train as far east as Trim, travel traffic-free through the downtown tunnel, and arrive as far west as Moodie Drive or Algonquin College. If you’re coming from the south, Stage 2 will extend the existing O-Train Trillium Line to Bowesville, while adding stations along the way at Walkley and Gladstone. There will also be a link to the Airport.

The Stage 2 LRT project was approved unanimously by Ottawa City Council in 2013. We plan to start construction in 2018. Upon completion in 2023, Stage 2 will bring 70% of residents within five kilometres of rail.

In March 2017, Councillors approved extending light rail to Moodie, Trim and the airport.

They also voted to give the Mayor the authority to enter into formal discussions with the City of Gatineau to connect light rail across the river.


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