Trees in the Community

We are lucky to have great neighbourhoods populated with trees. As our community continues to mature, tree replacement and maintenance are important.

During the 2014 municipal election campaign, Mayor Jim Watson pledged support for 1 million trees by 2017 (Canada’s 150th birthday). Details are yet to be released, but please visit this page for further information as it becomes available.

Below are some links to assist you. Also, feel free to contact my office if you need any assistance.

Canada's 150th Maple Groves

As part of Canada's 150th anniversary celebrations, maple trees are being planted across the city.

In ward 11, the maples will be planted on the Sir George-Etienne-Cartier Parkway at Shefford Road.

Commemorative trees
Find out how to dedicate a tree in memory of a loved one.

Parks and streetscape tree planting
Suggest a location to plant a tree.

Trees in trust
Find out how to have a tree planted in front of your home.

Schoolyard tree planting grant program
The mandate of the Schoolyard Tree Planting Grant Program is to improve and enhance Ottawa’s existing urban and rural forest cover by creating partnerships with the community for tree planting initiatives in schoolyards.

Green Acres - Ottawa's Rural Reforestation Program
Offers technical and financial assistance to rural land owners for planning, planting, and maintenance of small woodland areas.

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