Chugging ahead with Stage 2 of the LRT Project

I can barely contain my excitement! We’re moving ahead with Stage 2 of the light rail project.

Next year the Confederation Line opens with two key stations in our ward: Cyrville and Blair.

Then in 2022, we will see that track expanded all the way to Trim Road, easing pressure and congestion at Blair and adding a third LRT station in Beacon Hill-Cyrville: Montreal Road.

Yes, this means more construction is on the way, specifically at Montreal and on Regional Road 174, but with no pain there will be no train.

Stage 2 of the LRT project will connect more of our residents to the downtown core, east to Trim Station, south to the airport, southwest to Baseline and west to Moodie Drive.

All of this work will ensure 95 per cent of Beacon Hill –Cyrville residents are within a 5 km commute to light rail. It will bring you closer to retail like the Gloucester Centre, recreation facilities and Greenbelt trails as well as employment Centres like the Canotek Business Park.

Construction on Stage 2 begins in 2018, with some of the work in the west and south end being completed in 2023.

With the Rideau Transit Group signing on to maintain the Confederation Line’s core assets until 2048, lowering their costs and by agreeing not to compete to build the east – west expansion of the Confederation Line, we will be saving money on this massive project.

Stage 2 will see 36 new kilometres of rail and 22 new stations. With help from the federal and provincial governments we will be able to keep this project within the city’s $3.6-billion budget.

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