New site approved for main library

As Chair of the Ottawa Public Library Board, I am pleased to report that 557 Wellington has been approved by City Council as the home for the new main library branch.

After 20 years of dithering, the City of Ottawa finally has a solid, workable plan for a new library and an unparalleled opportunity to partner with Library and Archives Canada.

I’m excited to see the construction of this new centre piece of our community. We have five years before we relocate and I am sure staff with come up with solid transition and accessibility plans from the current building on Metcalfe and Laurier.

What I’ve been hearing from residents for months, is “Get on with it, build the library.” Let’s do that together. Moving forward from here we can start talking about what this library will look like.

Like Lansdowne, Arts Court, the Innovation Centre and Light Rail, the library is the final piece of the puzzle to ensure this G7 capital is a leader amongst the rest.

I can’t wait to see the City move forward on an iconic project that will define Ottawa and its future.

I look forward to the ground breaking in 2018.

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