Shefford Road multi-use pathway

UPDATE: Construction begins on Shefford multi-use pathway!

Finally! Construction has started on the Shefford Road Multi-Use Pathway!

This pathway is a much-needed link in the cycling and pedestrian network from Montreal Road all the way to the Sir George-Etienne Cartier Parkway.

For years, I have received phone calls from residents wondering why the sidewalk on Shefford Road ended at Loyola.

This has been a huge concern of mine, especially considering the hundreds of people and school children who must walk on the shoulder of the road to get to the Ottawa River or to the Richcraft Sensplex.

This is so dangerous, especially in the winter, when there are snowbanks on the sides of the road.

I'm so pleased that come November, you'll be able to access the river, the Sensplex, the dog park, sportsfields and businesses using the new pathway!

Montreal Road to Sir George-Étienne Cartier Parkway

The City of Ottawa has initiated a functional planning study to provide a pedestrian and cycling facility along Shefford Road, between Montreal Road and the Sir George-Étienne Cartier parkway. This facility is identified within the Council-approved 2013 Ottawa Cycling Plan.

The purpose of the project is to provide a north-south cycling and pedestrian facility for the local Beacon Hill community and for other residents travelling within this corridor. Presently there are no sidewalks along Shefford Road between Loyola Avenue and the northern extent of Shefford Road, a distance of approximately 1.2km. The approximately 1.6km multi-use pathway would serve community destinations such as Shefford Sports Park, the Richcraft Sensplex (Ottawa East) facility and provide a connection towards the NCC's multi-use pathway system accessed along the Ottawa River.

The functional planning study will review and evaluate alternative design options for the pathway. A recommended functional design concept will be identified based on technical feasibility, affordability and community input. The budget for this project is $690,000.

Project Timing

The project is currently in the functional planning study phase which should be completed by summer 2016. Detailed design will follow, with construction currently anticipated for 2017/2018.

Project Drawing

The plan view of the proposed Shefford Road multi-use pathway facility between Montreal Road and the Sir George-Étienne Cartier Parkway can be seen in the provided drawings.

The drawings show a proposed multi-use pathway on the east side of Shefford Road. At the northern project limit, the proposed pathway connects with an existing trail from the informal parking lot to the Sir George-Étienne Cartier Parkway (130m) and the Ottawa River Pathway beyond (250m). At the southern project limit, the proposed pathway would connect to an existing 3m-wide asphalt facility along the Shefford Road frontage of 2201 Montreal Road that was constructed in 2014.

Shefford Road currently has a drainage ditch on the east side of the road for much of its length. Towards the northern project limit, two alternative cross-sections are being considered where city-owned property might allow. These are (i) a 'rural cross-section' where the multi-use pathway is located on the far-side of the drainage ditch, and (ii) a 'semi-urban cross-section' where the pathway is located on the near-side of the drainage ditch and separated from the roadway by a boulevard and curb. Towards the southern project limit, property constraints restrict the facility to an 'urban cross-section', where a curb and small boulevard will separate the multi-use pathway from the adjacent road.

The multi-use pathway will be design in accordance with the City of Ottawa's accessible design standards.

Sir George-Étienne Cartier Parkway to Émard Crescent [ PDF 4.179 MB ]
Montréal Road to Émard Crescent [ PDF 6.957 MB ]

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